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Jessica at the F/W Seoul Fashion Week show

On March 30th, our Ice Princess took over the runway at the F/W Seoul Fashion Week show, modeling clothes for one of it’s popular Korean fashion designers’ Lee Juyoung, and her new fashion line, “Resurrection.”

Let her sultry model-like glare freeze your very core, as it most likely did every audience member in attendance today at the Seoul Exhibition and Trade Center, after the jump.


As many of us already know, Sica is quite the “fashionista”. No doubt, photos of her looking HOT glamorous at airports and bookstores have impressed not only SONEs, but obviously fashion designers as well. Let’s hope to see more of Sica modeling on the runway in the future.



Credit: http://snsdkorean.com/2011/03/30/there-is-ice-on-the-runway/#more-33356 , shinhdeplol@soompi, pictures as tagged, respective uploaders on Youtube

Tidbit: Lee Juyoung has designed clothes for The Black Eyed PeasLady Gaga and Marilyn Manson.

A portion of the profits from the six day Seoul Fashion Week event will be donated to Japan’s earthquake relief fund.


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